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Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive

Part Number: AZX1503EP

Description: Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive

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Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive

Details for Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive

Double ended inElectronicin Pump. Positive earth. High pressure 12 Volt with min flow of 12.5 gallons per hour each end. Each end works separately. Dual Inlet Single Outlet.For more information on SU Fuel Pumps please see the technical pages of the SU Shop.

Components List

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1 Diaphragm Assembly - HP Pumps View
2 -
3 Spring View
4 Screw View
5 Superceded now to AUA 1433 View
6 Lucar Connector View
7 Screw: 4BA X 0.25 View
AUA 4850 View
8 Spring washer View
AUC 2246 View
9 Electronic Pump Conversion Kit Positive Earth 12 V View
10 Shakeproof Washer - Superseded to 07734 View
11 Lucar Connector View
12 Nut for terminal knob - 2BA View
13 Blanking Cap View
14 Fuel Pump Diaphargm Gasket-Non Asbestos View
15 Filter View
16 -
17 Valve Assembly View
18 Union - Superseded to AUB 655B View
19 Fibre washer for Banjo Unions View
20 Sealing Plug View
21 Air Bottle cover View
22 Screw View
23 O Ring View
24 Diaphragm View
25 washer View
26 washer View
27 cover View
28 washer View
29 washer View
30 cover View
31 Clamp Plate View
32 Screw: 8-32 UNC X 375 View
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