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SU Gasket Service and Rebuild kits

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The following is a brief description of the items contained in our SU kits. For further details please search for your particular carburetter specification and refer to diagrams/pictures supplied.

Gasket Pack:

Full set of gaskets and seals for basic removal and cleaning of your carburetter.

Service Kit:

Contains all items in the Gasket Pack plus a new main jet and needle valve.

Rebuild Kit:

Contains all items in the Service Kit plus a new spindle, throttle disc, disc screws and bushes. The most comprehensive kit we sell.

Please note that due to the quantity and complexity of main metering needles and piston springs these are NOT included in any of our kits and must be ordered seperately.

Sundries Kits:

Contain further parts such as suction chamber screws and float levers so that when combined with our Rebuild Kit will enable you to complete a thorough rebuild of your carburetter

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