We are happy to anounce the release of 'Skinner's Union' a book which gives a comprehensive history of the S.U. Company and the members of the Skinner family involved.
This new book by Mike Harvey comprises over 300 pages with copious photographs, drawings & illustrations (many not previously published).

The book focuses on the period from 1908 when the leather bellow carburetter was introduced, through to Carl Skinner's retirement in 1947 when the S.U. carburetter company became part of the Nuffield Organisation.

The book also covers Barbara and Peter Skinner's hill-climbing and other racing activies and gives details on the skinner specials, as well as the companies contributions during WW2 manufacturing carburetters used on Rolls-Royce Merlin engines for the RAF.

This book is available to buy from our website, so why not order your copy today, either for yourself or as Christmas stocking filler!
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