HIF Type Sundries Kit

Part Number: CSK 004

Description: HIF Type Sundries Kit

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Details for HIF Type Sundries Kit

HIF Type Sundries Kit. Contains AUC 8483 - stop Screw AUC 3590 - Float Chamber Screw CUD 2082 Float Spindle AUC 2246 - washer AJD 8014 - lock Nut JZX 1394 - Suction Chamber Screw & AUC 2451 - stop Screw Spring
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Due to the wide variety of kits we produce, some are not held in stock as there is lower demand and may need to be built to order. Please contact us either by telephone on +44 (0)1722 412500 or via email at info@burlen.co.uk as the parts may be available to build this for you.