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George Herbert Skinner (also known as Bert) and Thomas Carlyle Skinner (also known as Carl) are the two names we have to thank for the creation of the SU brand.

If they hadn’t experimented with fuel mixture in the early 1900s, they wouldn’t have made their first carburetter in 1904 and they certainly wouldn’t have formed The SU Company in 1910. We owe George and Thomas a great debt of gratitude for creating the legendary SU brand. Read through the chapters which show the history here.

  • chapter 1
    Chapter 1 Skinners Union - The Beginning
  • chapter 2
    Chapter 2 Captain John Duff.
  • chapter 3
    Chapter 3 The Triple Ton Morris Minor Special
  • chapter 4
    Chapter 4 SU, World War II and aviation
  • chapter 5
    Chapter 5 Miss Beatrice (Tilly) Shilling – Negative G problems with the Merlin engine
  • chapter 6
    Chapter 6 Barbara and Peter Skinner – Fast Siblings
  • chapter 7
    Chapter 7 The Red Skinner Special – Still with us today
  • chapter 8
    Chapter 8 The Red Skinner Special – Still with us today