HP Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive Earth

HP Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive Earth
Part Number: AZX1318EP
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HP Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive Earth

Enhance your vehicle’s fuel delivery system with our HP Fuel Pump, designed for high performance and reliability:

  • Single Ended Design: This electronic pump features a single-ended design for efficient and robust fuel delivery.
  • Positive Earth: Specifically engineered for positive earth systems, ensuring compatibility with various vehicle setups.
  • High Pressure: Operates at high pressure to meet the demands of high-performance engines.
  • 12 Volt Operation: Designed for 12-volt systems, providing consistent and reliable power.
  • 15 Gallons Per Hour: Delivers a minimum flow rate of 15 gallons per hour, ensuring optimal fuel flow for your vehicle.
  • Boot Mounted: Designed to be mounted in the boot, providing a secure and convenient installation location.

Upgrade your vehicle’s fuel system with our HP Fuel Pump for superior efficiency and performance. An essential component for maintaining peak engine functionality.

Part Number: AZX1318EP

Price: £190.44

For more information on SU Fuel Pumps, please see the technical pages of the SU Shop.


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HP Fuel Pump Electronic - Positive Earth