AED Unit Inspection

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Automatic Enrichment Device: Inspection


(a) Wash all components thoroughly, using clean petrol or paraffin only.
(b) Examine all parts carefully for damage, in particular those parts not being replaced.
(c) Ensure that all accessible drilled holes are free from obstruction.


(a) Check that the filter (34) is clean as a check on the vehicle's fuel supply system.
(b) Examine the float needle tip (40) for wear or damage and also its seat in the float chamber lid.
(c) Ensure that the float assembly, when in position, pivots freely in the float chamber with clearance all around. Also ensure that there is side play for the float spindle in the body recesses.
(d) Check that the air inlet flat (21) moves freely and closes off under the action of its return spring (23). This can be done by gently operating the flap using a small screwdriver or other slim implement through the air inlet orifice.

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