Restoration Prices

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Please Note: As a carburettors state of wear can vary, where defects maybe hidden by excessive dirt or require extra cleaning to remove, upon receipt of the carburettors and inspection you will be contacted with a finalised quotation price for undertaking the work.

The prices listed below are a 'from' guide price per item & exclude VAT.

 At present our current restoration time is running at 8-10 weeks. For re-bushing work on carburettor bodies please contact us to confirm the timescale.

Restoration Price List S.U
UB or OM £260.00
HV 2,3,4,5 £250.00
HV Bronze Body £350.00
HV8 £320.00
D3 £250.00
H 1,2,4,6 £250.00
H Type Thermo £310.00
H8 £270.00
HS 2,4,6 £190.00
HS8 £280.00
HD 4,6,8 £270.00
HD Thermo £320.00
HIF 4,6,7,38,44 and KIF £260.00
MC2 £290.00
Sloper Carburetters £495.00
Sloper Manifold £425.00
Restoration Price List Other
CD Stromberg Only £250.00
Possible Extras
Bottom feed bowls £60.00
Dull nickel Plating £60.00 Per Job
Bright nickel plating £70.00 Per Job
Stove enamel £35.00 Per Item
Stove enamel manifold £100.00
Powder coat £50.00 Per Item
Powder coat manifold £100.00
Set up on manifold £65.00
Manual Choke Conversions
HD £150.00
HS8 £150.00
Rebushing (Price Per Body) + Price for Spindle & Disc
UB,OM,HV,D,H,HS,HIF,MC2 Bodies £60.00   each
HD Type £75.00   each
Any SU with Bentley throttle coupling £100.00 each
Blasting and rumbling £25.00
Manifolds (Blast and Rumble)
Single or double £80.00 
Triple (not E-type) £105.00
Polish E-type £250.00

Due to Increases in both labour and parts costs we no longer offer restoration on SU fuel pumps as the cost exceeds the price of buying a new pump.

If you do wish to have your pump restored you will be required to send the pump in for appraisal and contact us prior to sending.

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