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HS Type Carburetter: Reassembly


After inspection (see following page), reassemble by reversing the procedure used to dismantle the carburetter, noting the following:

(a) Ensure that the throttle disc is fitted in its original position.
(b) New throttle disc retaining screws must be used when refitting the disc. Ensure thatthe throttle disc is correctly positioned and closes correctly before tightening the retaining screws. Spread the split ends of the screws sufficiently to prevent turning.
(c) Use a new retaining screw and a new needle guide ensuring that the needle guide fitted gives the needle bias in the required sense (either toward throttle disc or toward air Cleaner). Before tightening the retaining screw check that the needle guide is in its correct position relative to the piston face, either flush with the bottom of the piston on standard pistons or flush with the recess on recessed pistons.
(d) Ball bearing suction chambers. To prevent the piston spring from being 'wound up' during reassembly, temporarily fit the piston and suction chamber, less the piston spring, to the body and pencil mark their relative positions to each other. Fit the spring to the piston, hold the suction chamber above the piston, align the pencil marks and lowerthe chamber overthe spring and piston. It is essential that the bearing retention clip (early type) or the bearing retention circlip (later type) is correctly fitted.

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