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A Burlen Works Restoration will not only preserve vehicle history it will ensure your vehicle remains on the road for many years to come.

All SU carburetters enjoy a long life due to high quality build processes undertaken during manufacturing, though there will come a time when restoration is required to help breathe new life back into your engine.

At Burlen we have the latest engineering equipment and access to a library of original technical drawings, data and know-how to restore a carburetter to the original factory standard.We also have comprehensive spares availability, including a limited stock of restored parts which are no longer in production.

Should your carburetter require attention, there is no better option than a full restoration carried out by our engineers who have unrivalled knowledge and understand the workings of each individual component.

We offer this same level of service for CD Stromberg carburetters and can also clean your inlet manifold and setup the carburetters and linkages so you can bolt them back onto your engine with minimal effort.

All restoration work begins with a conversation, during which we can better understand the level of work required. We work to original vehicle specifications when restoring, however we can also provide restoration for bespoke setups and are happy to discuss your requirements. At this stage we provide a quote for you based upon your requirements, subject to an examination of your carburetters once received.

The Restoration process at Burlen

For more in depth information about our restoration service please see the drop downs below.

1. Examination & Dismantling

2. Cleaning

3. Restoration Process

4. Post Restoration Testing

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