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Spindle Bushes

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We recommend that fitment of new bushes be carried out only by those with a sound technical ability as incorrect fitment can render the carburetter body useless.

The carburetter body will need to be bored out, ideally with the use of a lathe, to the following specifications:

Where a ¼" diameter spindle is fitted, bore carburetter bodies to 8mm.

Where a 5/16" diameter spindle is fitted, bore carburetter bodies to 9.5mm.

Care must be taken to make sure that the depth of the bore is only limited to the length of the bush and not right through into the carburetter venturi. See diagram. The bushes can then be pushed into place until flush with the body. If the bush protrudes it can be milled down until flush.

We can provide a bushing service for your carburetter which involves the bodies being fully stripped, leaving the old spindles/discs in place.. Please see our restoration section for more information.

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