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SU Fuel Pumps - Timeline and Information

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1929 -33 SU Petrolift Pump

This pump draws petrol from the tank which is then fed by gravity to the carburetter. Unfortunately there are no units or spares available... yet!

1934 - L Type - L Type introduced

Low pressure 1.5 lb/sq inch. Mounted in the engine compartment usually on bulkhead, as such often referred to as a ‘puller pump’. The 6 volt version is part number AUA 26. 12 volt versions are AUA 25 and AUA 66. Double ended versions of the above are AUA 11 and AUA 161.

High pressure 3 lb/sq inch. Available as both single and double versions, mounted on the chassis and often known as ‘pusher pumps’. Single types are part numbers AZX 1331 and AZX 1332 and double pumps are part numbers AUA 161 and AUA 8 (the latter being for pre-war Bentleys and Rolls Royce).

1945 - LCS Type

LCS large capacity pump introduced. This is a high pressure pump mounted to the chassis and easily recognisable by its ‘square’ shaped body casting. Part numbers are AUA 152 and AUA 157.

1959 - 300/400/500 Series

High pressure. This pump type superseded the LCS version and can be used in place of it if necessary. Now referred to as the 1300 series, part numbers are AZX 1307, AZX 1308, AZX 1318 and AZX 1319 although most supersede to 1307 or 1308 now.

The 400 series is the double ended version of the above. These are now referred to as the 1400 series, part numbers are AZX 1405, AZX 1410, AZX 1408 and AZX 1416 although most now supersede to AZX 1405.

The 500 series is a double ended pump with each end working independently, mainly used as a reserve feature. This is now referred to as the 1500 series, part numbers are AZX 1500 and AZX 1501.

Also 1959 - 200 series

High pressure compact style pump. A lower capacity pump than the 300/1300 series, as fitted to Minis, Midgets and Sprites. Part number is AUF 214.



All original style points type pumps are now dual polarity and can be fitted to either a positive or negative earth. For electronic pumps see below.

All 12 volt fuel pumps are also available with electronic switching instead of the traditional points. Part numbers are the same but end in either ‘EN’ or EP’, standing for ‘electronic negative’ or ‘electronic positive’. The correct polarity must be selected to match the vehicles wiring.

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