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Fuel Pump Points Sticking

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It is possible that a new ‘points’ type SU pump may have dry/sticking points, for instance, if it has been a stock item on the shelf for some time. This does not render the pump useless and is solved quite simply by cleaning the points.

We are happy for our customers to inspect the points of a fuel pump by removing the plastic pump cap. If any corrosion is apparent then a fine sheet of emery cloth or wet and dry paper gently rubbed on the points may solve the problem, (if it is a used pump and the points seem burned or pitted then the points should be renewed).

At the very least, it is worth giving the points a quick clean with some switch cleaner. None of the above cleaning processes will invalidate the warranty on our fuel pumps and we recommend that all SU fuel pump points should be regularly inspected for signs of wear and corrosion.

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